Friday, October 31, 2008

Traveling on a budget

These were posters inside one of the Border Control buildings.

The stuffing of the passenger seat had been removed, and this man had been sewed into the seat. An infant car seat had been placed over the man/chair to disguise some of the patchwork that had gone into tucking him away. Here he is, partially disassembled.

Here a woman was hidden away inside the dashboard.

Cruzando fronteras

The annual APHA conference was in San Diego this week. I joined a Border Health tour down to San Ysidro to visit a bi-national clinic there, and was also able to enter quarantine HQ at the border.

Dr. Talavera is standing in the central square of the border clinic, sharing some of its history with us.

They are building a new neonatal center this year, with hopes to complete the project by the end of next year.

From inside border security, we could see the heavy traffic coming through the lĂ­neas.

Someone was apprehended while we were visiting...

This the western-most point of the border between the US and Mexico. They say that within the next year, there will probably be a triple layered metal fence to replace what currently shares the likeness of a shabby beach hostel property line drawn in the sand. Although not depicted in this shot, there is constant military surveillance by land, air and sea. American territorialism at its finest.

I really wished I'd had my other camera with me that day. Perhaps one day I will return, but surely things will have changed by then.


A short visit to San Diego brought a romantic little smile to my face for having chosen nursing.