Monday, April 27, 2009

Ranunculus! - The Flower Fields at Carlsbad

Ventured down south a bit to The Flower Fields at Carlsbad. Open March through May, the fields are bursting with color. The fields are widely planted with Ranunculus flowers in an array of fruity colors. They also had special little gardens with some of my favorites, like foxglove and sweet peas.

Me laughing at the person taking my photo's bewilderment at the burst function on my camera.


~Sweet peas~

Saturday, April 11, 2009

MOD- Museum of Death

Visited the Museum of Death up in Hollywood this weekend. Definitely not a place for the weak of heart, or people prone to nightmares or acid-tripping. It's a small museum just off Hollywood Blvd that houses some of the most interesting and disturbing relics of the history of death in the US. Everything from embalming tools, to mortuary matchbooks, various sized coffins, shrunken heads, taxodermy, and streaming videos of autopsies and burials. We respected the sweet caretakers' request not to take photos inside. There were walls covered with paintings and letters written by serial killers, some of their artwork, books, magazines, photos of victims, etc. Also on display was a recreation of the bunk beds and corpses of the Heaven's Gate cult, with actual clothing and head rags acquired from the bodies of the cult members after death.

Visiting the museum left me with... a sense of horror and despair, and also perhaps a deeper insight into the psychology of various killers and their inner drives. The people who ran the museum were very nice and informative- they happened to have siamese turtles, lovingly named after the famous siamese twins, Eng and Chang Bunker.

A big thanks to the museum caretakers, and peace and love to Eng and Chang.