Monday, May 26, 2008

if you don't build it, they will still come

and in turn, it appears that if i don't take photos for long enough, they too will still eventually come to me.

lately i've been hearing from various people that gmail has been experiencing a few glitches in the way of e-mail addresses overlapping, and messages intended for one person instead reaching another with a similar address- for example, vs. so this happened to me today, and i have become the recipient of a plethora of flirty photos from what looks to have been an interesting girls' night out. here are a couple of photos of my e-mail twin.

Friday, May 9, 2008


i seem to have temporarily abandoned my intended combination of arts. it isn't that i haven't been cooking... it's more like the food turns out so well that i eat it before i remember to pull out the camera. delicious new couscous recipe, ropa vieja, sopa azteca, yucca con arroz y frijoles... the list goes on and on. but i felt it was a loss to not write at all simply because there was no visual media to go along with it. in addition, i was getting tired of seeing the cornbread nipplets, delicious though they were.

today was my first day at the new job. i've been excited and anxious about all the newness going on recently, but by the end of the day, something clicked, and things felt right and good. so although the weather today was gloomy and chilly, i felt happy and tickled by the time i got home and so tonight i post my happy pigeon man photo, quite possibly the gentlest soul in Marina del Rey.